how to add custom Theme/Templates on blogger?

Ok if you are here, then you may be already creating your blog website on blogger right? if yes then you definitely don't like your default blogger theme. It's has a simple Interface with a visit profile and search bar options right? 

now if you want to change that boring template and want to install menus social follow icon, SEO friendly template then follow these steps. 

before we start I think you know very much of blogger dashboard right? if you don't please read this blog before we move on. Full Information about Blogger Dashboard. It will greatly help to work on your site.

Ok, let's start for custom Theme/Templates on blogger, hope you know well about the blogger dashboard.

First, log in to your blogger account and go to your dashboard. You can see the dashboard like this 

Goto your theme tab from the dashboard.

Now hold on first we have to download the custom theme from an external site. I recommend you to visit https://gooyaabitemplates.com/ to download awesome blogger templates. Here you can get lots of blogger themes with all types of categories.  

Nowhere you can see the homepage of that site.

Choose your theme and click on the download button

Now your theme starts downloading.

after downloaded goto a file location.

select the file and extract the file.

After the file extracted go to that fold there you will see one .xml file.

in my case, you can see eventity free version.xml file

Now go to the blogger theme panel and click on the restore option from the drop-down menu which is beside of Customize option.

After restore' pannel open click on the upload button and now choose that .xml file from the computer and open it, it is takes some time to restore your file.

After restoring theme success now your custom theme site is ready click on the view blog from the buttom of bloger dashboard pannel.

Congratulations! your custom theme blogger is now ready now you have to customize the blogger menu, header menu logo, social follow button. For that you have to know how to do that for that processor i wrote a blog you can read here. 

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have a good day and wish you good luck with your blogger career.
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