How to connect your blogger with google analytics?

 You can use Analytics to find out where your readers come from and what they read on your blog. Learn more about Analytics.

Step 1: Sign up for Analytics

Click on the link and  Sign up for an Analytics account. 

you can see the dashboard like this 

Click on the Add Property 

Feel the form and click on the advance option. You will see the screen like this.

Feel your website URL. On the next step select universal Analytics because we are gone a use only for blogger so universal analytics is enough for us and click on next.

on the next option fell about your business detail like business category, business size, etc., and click on create option.

Now here you can see Tracking ID in this format: UA-XXXXX-XX. Copy this id.

Step 2: Add Analytics tracking to Blogger

Important: It can take up to 24 hours for your data to show up in Analytics.

Sign in to Blogger.

In the top left, select the blog you want to analyze.

From the menu on the left, click Settings.

Under "Basic," click Google Analytics Property ID.

Enter your Analytics tracking ID.

Make sure you enter the ID in this format: UA-XXXXX-XX.

Click Save.

Congratulation Your Google analytics is successfully connected to your Blog.

you can see on the Home Section of Analytics, there is one user visiting your website right now.

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