How to customize Blogger theme? change header logo, menu social icon etc.

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In this blog today we are going to talk about changing the look of your blog by editing your layout. When you install your custom theme you have to customize your theme because it had the default layout and design on that. So If you install that you may need to customize it. Some common examples you may have to change the header logo, Custom menu, and maybe need to change the social follow button link. These are basic and common things you may want to change your blogger theme. After that, it may like what you want on your website.

So There are several different types of layouts to choose from and it pretty easy to switch things up to best suit your needs. Some folks might like one basic post section and one sidebar. Others may need two sidebars or a few different footer sections. I will show you how to change the blogger layout and make it more suitable for your needs.

On the blogger, you can customize your blog from three-place we are gone a discuss one by one

#1st Place.

Changing the blogger theme by Layout panel.

Luckily, Blogger makes it pretty simple to change things up if you are using one of their templates or some custom templates also. On the layout panel, there you can see a lot of pannel of your blogs. Like, Header, body, sidebar, footer, etc. On that panel there you see lots of gadgets.  you can add new or edit existing gadgets. If you click the edit button (Pen icon), you can change your requirement. 

For Example, if you want to change your header logo, then you can click on the Header logo gadget's edit button. you can see in this picture.

after clicking on the edit button on the Header logo gadget, there you can see to change the header logo option.  Likewise, if you want to make a change to you're social follow button link then you can click on the social top gadget's edit button icon. Likewise, if you want to change your Main Menu then you can change it from the main menu edit option. Likewise, you can change anything which gadgets provided by your theme. 

You can also add gadgets from add gadget option. Like if you want some custom text on your sidebar then you can click on add a gadget option of your sidebar panel and there you can see lots of gadgets you have to choose the custom text option and add custom text.

So this is the simple way to edit your theme provided by the theme designer. But in this way, there's a limitation to edit. If you have coding knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript, then the second way for your theme to customization may be very easy for you. 

#2nd Place

customize your blogger theme by coding.

Actually, if you Even don't really have coding knowledge, you can also make some changes from coding. For this procedure, go to the Theme panel of your dashboard and click on the down arrow and click on edit HTML.

From Here you can make change anything of your blogger theme layout and designs. If you have coding knowledge then it's very easy for you.  If you Even don't really have coding knowledge, you can also make some changes. For example, if you want to change your blogger theme menu list then you can do it easily like this. 
For example, if I want to change my menu's Tech Fact option name into Tech Help then we can do it easily.

Just goto your HTML edit option and Click CTRL+F, it opens the find option. Here you can find words and coding easily.  Now type what you want to make a change, I want to change my tech fact option into Tech help then I type on find option and press enter. I press Enter until I get the tech fact menu's code. 

Now here you can see Tech Fact on source code. Now I can change tech fact to Tech Help and press the Save button. Now you can see it changes on my website menu also. 

This is also an easy way to make any change on your website. Actually, if you don't have coding knowledge then you can only change your text, but if you have then you customized anything of your theme.

# 3rd Place.

Make changes by Theme customize option 

On the Theme panel, you can see Customize option. After click on that, you can see like this 

Here you can change your theme color and background. Some themes may also have gadgets edit options also. It may also greatly help you to customize your theme appearance.

So this is the common way to customize your blogger theme. Hope you learn something new. If you like this blog don't forget to share and follow us on social media for more tech news, tips tricks, and facts.

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