how to install or use Chrome extension on opera mini?

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in the world. Almost 60-65% of people are using Chrome browser, but in some cases, people want to switch from chrome to opera. 

Actually On some PC's chrome won't run smoothly causes of Low RAM and computing power. In that case, chrome can't run smoothly sometimes it's not responding or sometimes it crashes. In that case, you may have to switch your web browser to other light and fast browser. On the alternate of chrome browser, Opera is one of the light and fast web browsers on the internet. 

But when you switch from chrome to opera, you may miss one of the best features of the Chrome browser that is the Chrome Extension. I am not talking about you can't add any extension on opera mini, actually you can add an extension from Opera Addons. But it's like you are switching your android phone to a windows phone or android play store to a windows app store.

Hope you are getting, what I want to talk about. There are thousands of extensions on the chrome web store but few on opera addons. 

But don't worry there is one trick for you which is we are gone a tell you about how can you install chrome extension on opera also in this blog.

So How can you install or use chrome extension on opera mini? 
we are going tell you to step by step.

Step 1. Open your Opera browser and click on the link below or  

chrome-extension downloader

 you will see the screen like this.

This is also Opera Extension which helps you to get a chrome extension on opera mini. Actually, this is one of the opera's own add-ons software for the public for free. 

Step 2. Now click on add to Opera. Congratulations! your extension install perfectly. Now you will see the screen like this. 

Step 3.  Now visit the chrome web store on the opera browser by clicking on this link.

Now search and select your extension I am gone a select Google input tool.
Now you can see there is an option to add to opera. Click on that and install the extension to your opera browser. 

That's it. you have successfully installed your extension on your browser.

Hope you find this blog useful.
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