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Technology Fact 1: Over 6,000 new computer viruses are created and released every month.

This number has drastically risen since 1990, at which point there were only 50 known computer viruses. Today, 90% of emails contain some form of malware and most people don’t know about it.

Technology Fact 2: There are more likes than photos on Facebook.

Every day, over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, while 800 million likes are given out per day. By contrast, there are only 175 million “love” reactions each day.

Technology Fact 3: Nokia is the largest company in Finland.

So much so, it is viewed as a national pride by Finns! And while we often think Nokia is just a cell phone company, this famous brand was originally a paper manufacturer in 1865. Nokia branched out into technology in the 1980s.

Technology Fact 4: The Apple Lisa was the first commercial computer with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a mouse.

Before The Apple Lisa, all computers were text-based, meaning you had to type out commands from a keyboard. The name “Lisa” stands for “Logical Integrated Software Architecture”. Lisa was also the name of Steve Job’s daughter.

Technology Fact 5: 40% of American couples meet online.

Online dating is hugely popular these days, and apparently, it seems to work! 40% of couples who got together in 2017 met online. Looking at a larger scale, meeting through friends declined by 13% from 1995 to 2017.

Technology Fact 6: Finding a security bug in Facebook’s code will pay off.

To be exact, Facebook pays $500 for reporting any vulnerability in their security. Even better, $500 is just the minimum that it starts at, so you could potentially earn more!

Technology Fact 7: Kids that are on social media for 1 hour a day have less chance of being happy.

This is probably not much of a surprise, but studies have shown that the more time kids spend on social media, the less likely they are to be happy with their overall life by 14%. By comparison, this is three times higher than the effects of living in a single-parent household.

Technology Fact 8: Nearly one-third of divorces are because of Facebook.

Facebook can cause divorces. 33% of divorced couples have stated Facebook was a reason for the breakup. Some of these more specific reasons are things like inappropriate messages to other people, it causes couples to fight, secret social media accounts, and doubting the relationship.

Technology Fact 9: Some countries skipped the era of landlines.

Nigeria, Ghana, and Bangladesh went from zero to 100. Due to a lack of resources, it was too costly to adapt to using landlines. Less than 1% of residents in these countries have a landline, but over 85% have access to cell phones.

Technology Fact 10: The passwords for the nuclear missiles were just a string of zero’s.

Although the Air Force denies this, one Air Force launch officer, Bruce Blair, says they’re lying. And what government would want to admit to something that silly? For 20 years, the password was eight zero’s all in a row – and it was written down so nobody forgot.

Technology Fact 11: Technical degrees are almost useless by the time you graduate.

A degree looks good on paper, but in fact, technology is advancing faster than ever. The amount of technical information doubles every two years. So, if you start a four-year degree, then half of what you learn by the time you finish will be obsolete.

Technology Fact 12: There are fake Apple stores in China.

Some of the fake Apple stores are so convincing, that even the employees thought they were working for Apple. They are usually selling real Apple products, and the employees even wear the same shirts that actual Apple associates wear. Sometimes the stores are shut down, but when that happens, more just pop up!

Technology Fact 13: A “jiffy” is a real measurement.

If you’ve ever said “I’ll be back in a jiffy,” you were actually saying, “I’ll be back in 10 milliseconds.” A jiffy is an actual measurement of time, referring to the length of one cycle of the computer’s system clock – about 10 milliseconds. When used in physics, it stands for the amount of time that it takes light to travel one centimeter.

Technology Fact 14: An average 21-year-old has spent 5,000 hours playing video games.

These days, by 21 you’ll have also sent 250,000 emails and texts, and spent 10,000 hours in a cell phone. That’s a lot of time!

Technology Fact 15: Most of today’s successful companies started in garages.

That’s right, aside from just Apple, other huge name companies started with humble beginnings. HP, Google, and Microsoft all were started in a garage.

Technology Fact 16: Most internet traffic isn’t from real humans.

About 51% of internet traffic is non-human. Over 30% is from hacking programs, spammers, and phishing. Be careful with your computer security!

Technology Fact 17: CAPTCHA is a long acronym.

It stands for “Completely Automatic Public Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Even though some artificial intelligence can get through CATCHPA, it’s still useful in blocking some bots.

Technology Fact 18: The three most common passwords are also the weakest.

The top three most used passwords are 123456, password, and 12345. Definitely don’t use any of those next time you need a password change!

Technology Fact 19: There wasn’t an app store in the first iPhone.

This probably isn’t that surprising, seeing as the first of many techs has some things to work out. But the only apps that were on the first iPhone in 2007 were all only Apple’s apps. These days, there are over 1.4 million apps for iPhone.

Technology Fact 20: We only keep 1 out of every 10 apps we try.

It is estimated that about 80-90 percent of the apps we install are deleted in the long term. It seems users are picky with what they want to use their limited storage for!

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