About corel draw x7 and get it from drive backup.


In this article, we will see an outline on CorelDraw. 

Introduction of Corel Draw

It is the ultimate digital 2D graphic designing solution. Simple! To put it in a more formal definition, Corel Draw is a graphic designing software developed by Corel Corporation to develop vector graphics.


Online and print adverts, product designing, architectural layout designing, online sketch artists in various fields, and almost all those pretty visuals that we see around us whether on phones or magazines, have been at some point or another, designed in CorelDraw.

It was introduced 25 years ago—a year before Adobe Photoshop. Yet many causal graphics users have never heard of it. CorelDraw creates vector graphics that scale up and down more gracefully than the bitmapped graphics produced by Photoshop and its descendants. A vector image from CorelDraw will look essentially the same whether it’s printed on a business card or a giant billboard. That makes it a favorite among billboard, sign, and car wrap professionals. According to Corel, more than 70 percent of the sign makers in the U.S. use the CorelDraw Graphics Suite to produce their graphics


Features of Corel Draw

One of the major features, in my opinion, is that it provides a friendly UI that can be learned to use quickly, so for beginners can expand their creativity and professionals can make some awestruck designs and layouts. It has live versatile tools like node shaping and mesh fill etc which come handy almost everywhere in designing. Being a vector graphics software does not pixelate its designs which guarantees high-quality printing. Hence many high definition printers are programmed to accept Corel format files for printing.

Overview of CorelDraw Features

  1. Live Sketch tool
  2. Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes
  3. Prominent interactive sliders
  4. Custom node shapes
  5. Touch-friendly GU interface
  6. Powerful stylus enhancements
  7. Import legacy workspaces
  8. Font filtering and search
  9. Corel Font manager
  10. Multi-monitor
  11. Healing clone tools
  12. Copy Curve Segments
  13. Gaussian blur feature

Other features include accepting many file formats to edit, capable of running on all processors and so on. From a user’s perspective, CorelDraw offers an environment to design with ease. All printing media, live sketching, product designing, etc can be created with equal creativity and accuracy to detail.


While learning graphic designing, one will find Corel Draw to be easier than other complex software and still more useful than most. One of the good things is that they constantly update the features so there is always something more exciting in-store.

Watch how to install Corel draw with video

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