Sep 24, 2020

20 windows 10 keyboard shortcut | Keyboard shortcut | Vyas Tech

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20 windows 10 keyboard shortcut which is very helpful in your daily life.


When you press ctrl+shift+esc, it's open task manager panel. If your PC's any program not responded or your computer lagged, then it needs to close that application. At that time you can easily open the task manager with this shortcut. You want to close or to do anything from the task manager it's a very helpful shortcut.


when you press windows+M, it minimizes all open windows. Sometimes you need to suddenly minimize all the windows, that time this shortcut may be very helpful for you. It minimizes all windows in one shot. 


When you press windows+Shift+M, it restores all windows in one shot. this two shortcut is very helpful for minimizes and restores all windows.


When you press the Windows+R button, it opens the Run panel. It is a very helpful tool, you can open many programs with a shortcut from this panel. If you want to open Microsoft Word, you need to type winword on the run pannel and press enter. If you want to open Microsoft Excel, you need to type excel on the run pannel and press enter. If you want to open Microsoft Powerpoint you need to type powerpnt and press enter. as well as a notepad for Notepad Wordpad from Wordpad etc. Actually, you can create your own shortcut of any program to use in the run panel. 

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In windows 10 if you press the Windows button +L, your computer will logoff. If you put the password in your computer it may ask for a password to log in or if you have multiple accounts on your computer you can choose other accounts.


If you press alt+enter in any object, program, or any file it's open the properties of that file, folder, or program. It is a very helpful shortcut to open the properties of any program or file folder. Otherwise, we need to select that object and click right and then we can go for properties but it's maybe very helpful for you.


If you press Windows+D in your windows 10 Operating System it hides all the windows and you will reach on the desktop directly. Again if you press Windows+D it unhides again.
If you press windows+S  on your windows 10 device you will redirect to the search panel where you can search any program and files. If your search queries are not available in your device then it redirects to search online in the edge browser. So it is a very helpful tool, you don't need to open any browser to search anything online you can directly search in the search box.


shortcut really helps you to do anything on your computer. If you want to go setting pannel in your computer you can directly press the windows+I button in your keyboard. It will redirect you to the setting of your windows 10, where you can find all setting options from your computer.


if you press windows+Ctrl+D from your computer you will redirect to new virtual windows of your desktop. Actually, in windows 10 you can create multiple windows workspace. Imagine you opened a lot of program in one windows workspace but if want one clean environment for some work that time this is very helpful. You can create new windows workspace without closing those programs. Those programs are still open on another workspace but you will redirect to a new workspace with this shortcut. isn't it cool? 

Windows+Ctrl+left/right keys

We already told you you can create many virtual workspaces but how will you switch between those workspaces? well, that time windows+ctrl+left/right key will help you to switch between that workspace.  

Alt+F4/ Ctrl+W

if you want to close any application or windows on your computer, you can easily do that with this shortcut. With the alt+f4 you can close all your application as well it can also open the shutdown windows when it reaches to desktop after close all the app, from there you can shut down your computer easily. but with Ctrl+W it may not work on all applications but many applications where we can open multiple tabs like internet browser, photoshop, it works very fluently. Actually, it very helpful to close the tab in many programs.  


Sometimes you need to do lots of work in multiple windows at once, that time if you trying to switch between them with a mouse it's west your lots of time. But don't worry if you press alt+tab you will get all your opened windows there, now you can choose any windows you want with again press tab( Keep in mind you need to keep pressing the Alt button with thumb finger).


If you press the windows+tab buttons it opens the task view pannel in your screen, where you can get all your open apps, virtual windows workspace as well as many recent histories of your computer activity.  


If you want to take a screenshot in your windows you can easily do that for that you just need to press windows+prtscr from your keyboard. It takes a screenshot of your current windows and saves it inside your picture folder with another screenshot folder there. 


if you press windows+E form your keyboard you will redirect to the Quick access window of your computer.  there you can find all your recent histories and frequent folder. But you can change it if want to redirect to your This PC windows.
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What you do when you want to create a folder in any location of your pc? probably you right-click with the mouse and click on new and go for a new folder, right? but with this shortcut, you can easily create one folder in anywhere of your pc. Just click ctrl+shift+N and you get a new folder with the rename option opened. isn't it cool?

Windows+Left/Right arrow

sometimes we need to view multiple windows on the screen in that time what we do? we restore down the windows and start dragging that windows from the left-right side right? but with this shortcut, you can easily restore down any windows and put on the left or right side of your screen. you just need to press Windows + left/right button from your keyboard.

Windows+top/down arrow 

Sometimes we need to do restore minimize maximize for some windows, in that time we can easily do with this shortcut. You can use all this feature with just one shortcut easily. If your press the windows+down arrow, it restore down your windows again if you press the down arrow your windows will minimize now if you press the top arrow then again it restore up, and again if you press the up arrow then it maximize the windows.  


If you want to open any program from your taskbar you can easily do that with windows +(serial wise number of that program in the taskbar). Imagine your google chrome is in 3rd position in the taskbar, now if you want to open then if you click on windows+3 then google chrome will open. Cool right?

So friend these are those 20 keyboard shortcuts of Windows 10 which you can use your daily life to make your computer work fluently. Hope you, enjoy it. If you like this blog don't forget to share with your friend and family and follow us on Facebook or youtube.

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