Sep 24, 2020

How to create your own shortcut of any program for use in Run panel? | run panel shortcut | Vyas Tech

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 Run panel is a very useful tool in the Windows operating system. You can easily open the lots of programs just using a few line shortcut codes. Normally we use many programs in our daily life. Like for open Microsoft word, we just type winword, and now Microsoft word open as well as we use excel for open Microsoft Excel, powerpnt for open Microsoft PowerPoint, notepad for open Notepad, cmd for open Dos Command, etc. These are the default shortcuts which are pre-set in all type of windows. 

But now the question is can we create our own shortcut of any program for use in Run pannel?

of course, we can create our own shortcut of any program to use in the Run panel. In this blog, we are going to show you how to create your own shortcut of any program for use in run pannel.
Let's start
In this blog, we are creating a shortcut for Hand Break software. we can see the handbrake software shortcut file is on the desktop. First, of fall let's try to open that program with handbrk shortcut.

As you can see I type handbrk and press Enter
But we see the error that windows cannot find 'handbrk'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Why this error occurs? because this software's shortcut is not pre-set on the windows folder.
so we need to set the shortcut of this app in the Windows folder. 

Let start with the step by step for how to create a shortcut of any program for use in run pannel?

  1. open the run pannel and type c:\windows  it opens the windows folder which is located in your C drive. Now after it opened just use shortcut windows+Right arrow to restore down and set into the right side on the half of the screen. (If you still didn't read my 20 windows 10 keyboard shortcut which is very helpful in our daily life post then just go and read it. It is very useful post.)

  2. Now select the program's shortcut app and move it to the inside of the windows folder. Keep in mind that not to move .exe(real software) file inside the windows folder you need to create a shortcut of that software if you don't create yat. 

  3. If you don't create yet just right click on the .exe file in this case we select the handbrake software and click send to then desktop(shortcut). Now, the shortcut of that software was created but still not usable in run pannel. we need to move that shortcut inside the windows folder.

  4. Now press Ctrl X for that shortcut app which is in desktop and paste or drag and drop inside the windows folder.

  5. Now it asks for administrative permission just press Continue and now it opens the administrative permission( it says do you want to allow this app to make a change, etc. on your screen ) press, Yes, and now you get the permission to paste that shortcut app inside the windows folder.

  6. now your shortcut is pasted inside the windows folder. Just rename it whatever you want to make the shortcut code of that software.

  7. In my case, I rename it as a handbrk. Now Press Enter

  8. Now you need to again give permission to make a change on that app so just press continue and press yes in administrative permission.

  9. Now your shortcut is ready to run on the Run panel. Just type it and press Enter

  10. Now your application is lunch.
That's it now as well as, you can create a shortcut of any file or folder also with this process.

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