Sep 24, 2020

how to change the default Explorer page to This PC instead of Quick access when you press windows+E button? | Vyas Tech

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how to change the default Explorer page to This PC instead of Quick Access.

Sometimes when we want to go for these PC windows and open a file explorer from the taskbar or press the windows+E button (shortcut of file Explorer) but it opened the quick access windows. That's maybe irritating, right? that's because we use that style to open my computer windows in the old windows version but in windows 10 it opened a quick access option.

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well, this option can be easily changeable from this way follow the step.  

  1. open the file explorer windows in the top left corner you can see the option of File, click on that 
  2.  Now click on the change folder and search options
  3. Now you can see, the Folder Options window is open.
  4. Now there you can see, open file explorer to : 
  5. Now select This PC option from the drop-down 
  6. Now click ok, that's it.
It's a very easy process to change the default explorer page to This PC instead of quick access. 
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