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About Us

About Our Company

Vyas Tech Service is one one of the leading Tech Company in Nepal, dedicated to fulfilling the demand of Time and Attendance device(Fingerprint Attendance Machine, Biometric Devices, Online Attendance Software  Web Based Attendance Software, E-attendance, Access Control), CCTV and Networking services and, all kind of Security Gadgets, and Tech Items.

We are very honest and sincere in our works and responsibility.  We understand our customer's demands very well and try to give the best products on their budget.

About Our Team

Hari Raj Paudel
Vyas Tech Service 

Hari Raj Paudel is the founder of this company. He is the most honest and struggler person. He worked 25 years in Inda as a Supervisor in a lot of companies. He is the most Energetic and quick learner Person. After knowing technology is growing very faster and its demand is growing rapidly then he decided to open this kind of business with his son.

Pawan Paudel
Vyas Tech Service 

Pawan Paudel is the Co-Founder of this company and he is the son of Mr. Hari Raj Paudel Founder of this company. He is a very Energetic and quick learner Person. He handles all kinds of responsibility for this business. 
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