About Us

About Us

Vyas Tech is one of the best Tech Platforms where you can get all kinds of tech news, tips, tricks, and facts Blogs, and Videos

About Owner

Pawan Paudel
Owner of Vyas Tech

Hi,  My name is Pawan Paudel and I am the owner of this website. 
I am from Nepal.
You can contact me at
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About our Journey 

I am from Smalltown of Nepal and belong to a medal class family. In my Dailly Life, I consume lots of tech videos and I am really interested in the Technology world. 

One day I thought why don't I start my own Blogging journey. It's better for me also, it helps me to learn more about technology and it's helpful for others also. From There and I re-search about how to start blogging and after getting better knowledge I register my domain vyastech.com.np, which is free provided by the Nepal government, and make my Website on blogger.com 

This is how I start my blogging journey. 

Thank you for viewing us.